NCAA college football upset list

Ever seen a computer blow up?  No.  Well, if you’re interested try and figure out where they do the BCS computing.  College football saw a lot of upsets tonight, so let’s break down all the individuals shall we.

First of all, before we get to break downs.  I must say congratulations Notre Dame for staying perfect.  You beat the team you were supposed to beat in Wake Forrest 38-0.  You get stay off the dreaded upset list.  Now we get to the teams that weren’t so lucky.

No. 1 Kansas State
You were playing Baylor on the road.  I wasn’t aware Robert Griffin III got one more game of eligibility.  Oh, he didn’t?  Well then.  Kansas State how bad was your defense?  So bad.  You know what, it was worse than so bad.  It was the kind of bad that would make Shaq equate you to a Craig Saiger tie and suite combo.  That performance on defense was a combination of horrible and awful, it was horawful.  The Baylor offense recorded a total of 580 yards – 238 through the air and 342 on the ground.  Boom enough said.  You don’t deserve to be a No. 1 team after that kind of a loss.

Heisman hopeful Colin Klein couldn’t even save you.  Klein completed 27 of 50 passes for 286 yards two touchdowns and three interceptions.  When your interception total is higher than your touchdown total, you’re in trouble.  Where will K-State fall after this loss, I can’t predict.  But I will tell you this, it won’t be pretty.

No. 2 Oregon:
Pick yourself off the ground if your an Oregon fan.  You most likely won’t fall far when the BCS polls come out this week.  Having said that, you are still going to fall.  Oregon fell to to No. 13 Stanford 17-14 in overtime.  All the credit in the world has to go to Stanford’s defense for bottling up the Oregon offense and holding them to just 198-yards rushing.  Sure, it sounds like a lot, but when you only give up just one rushing touchdown to the Ducks you’re doing something right.  The biggest loser in this game was the Duck who will probably have to hit the gym to make up for all the pushups he didn’t have to do this week.

What’s the one bright spot for Oregon fans?  At least you lost to a ranked opponent, and at least it was close.  Should you have won, yes.  But was it a competitive close match, yes.  Hats off to Stanford for marching into Eugene and going Duck hunting.  The last team to do it was USC.

No. 18 USC
It wasn’t an upset when you lost to No. 17 UCLA, but it just about verified everything we thought we knew about you.  I feel for Matt Barkley, you’re probably one year too late to the NFL.  Also, this loss completely shifts the college football landscape in Los Angeles.  All those recruits who never considered UCLA just called the Bruin coaching staff back.  Watch out USC, you’re the leaders no more.

National championship outlook:
How could two undefeated teams go down in the same week?  I can’t stand it.  You know what this means for the National Championship, right?  Welcome back to the hunt Alabama.

I thought for once we might get a non-SEC national title game but we will not be granted that privilege.  All signs point to a Notre Dame vs Alabama showdown this year.  Which, I’m just going to say it now, yawn.  Tell me if I’m not the only one who predicts a massive blow out for Bama in that one.  It sucks, but for the second year in a row I find myself again saying it “roll tide.”

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